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On Wings of Frost
If ever you become his prey, his glowing azure guise will be the very last thing you see...

It was a week after Derrick’s encounter with the ice dragon, and all that time he had been working on how to A, meet him again; B, get him some food; C, do so without Thresh’s knowledge; and D, keep warm.

Fortunately, he found out that supplies were being sent to the Freljord from Bandle City: so he merely stowed away on it and ‘borrowed’ a coat, sled, and rather large pig.  He was almost caught too, but he managed to avert suspicion.

He had now reached where he had seen the dragon last.  ”Mr. Dragon!” he yelled into the wilderness, “I have some food for you!”

A week later since the encounter with the yordle and now his scent was in the air once again. From what he remembered, the little kit claimed that he comes here to freljord in order to watch the matches happening in the howling abyss. Did the furball come here to do so now that he was here? 

No. Kuryu could catch the scent of a dead boar on the yordle. What could he possibly do with that? Hes not planning to eat it is he? THe half-dragon looked outside of the cave he resided in, spotting the yordle in an open patch of the forest. Yes, its definitely that some yordle from a week ago, but Kuryu couldn’t quite figure out why such a tiny creature would be doing with a large (at least compared to the kit) quantity of meat he dragged be hind him. 

"Mr. Dragon! I have some food for you!"

So thats what he wants huh? To make a friend out of me?

The half-dragon sighed. If he wants to become a friend of his, he would definitely have to try harder than that. 

"Go home" Kuryu called "I’m not interested in eating things that have been caught for me"