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On Wings of Frost
If ever you become his prey, his glowing azure guise will be the very last thing you see...
—Anime protagonist with a tortured past that is still trying to grasp the magic of friendship (via thecornhusker)

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Following the scent of what smelled like another half-breed much like himself, Kuryu found himself standing in front of a large grand gate which leads to the City State of Demacia. His eagerness to meet another of his own kind led him forward. As soon as he entered, immediately, the gazes of the townsfolk went his direction, specifically his unusual dragonic ears and spiky tail. The citizens didnt matter to him. All he wanted to do was find the other half-dragon (the-wings-of-frost)



Shyvana was given the task of patrolling around near the main gates to ensure there was to be as little trouble as possible amongst the Demacian citizens. Not that there was any trouble, but the royals figured it wouldn’t hurt to send their soldiers around the city to make sure.

Although she didn’t mind the tasks, Shyvana hated wearing the uniform that all active Demacian soldiers had to wear during their daily duties. Such garbs felt stuffy and scratchy on her body. However, she managed to keep quiet and tolerate such trivial annoyances. It was nothing compared to what she’s experienced in her harrowing past.

Shyvana nearly passed the great gates when she noticed a traveler wanting to enter the city. She quickly climbed the spiral stairs in one of the two lookout towers that flanked both sides of the gate.

Her ice-blue eyes narrowed as she saw what seemed to be an unusual dragonborn who exhibited strange physical features.

She motioned one of the young guards to open the gates so the strange dragonborn could enter. Shyvana then strolled down the stairs and exited the tower. She walked out towards the entrance of the gate.

Shyvana’s keen nose twitched as she detected a sickeningly sweet and sour scent that reeked from the other dragonborn.

Is this… what a half-dragon smells like? Shyvana thought to herself. She wondered if purebred dragons could smell such scents as well.

She wondered if she ever smelled that way when she was near her father…

Cautiously, she approached the other dragonborn.

"Who are you?" Shyvana asked.

Just as predicted, Kuryu had parried her next blow, but against such a powerful punch that even he had heard a small crack and started to feel a slight pain on his arm, thankfully not his right. Though it wasn’t anything he couldnt handle, Kuryu would have to refrain from using it too much. 

This fight was proving to be quite interesting. Should this keep up, he may even resort to taking the full form of a dragon. Situations which required the frost drake to partake in such metamorphosis were rare for Kuryu as he only does so when he absolutely needs to. But this time, he may make an exception…


Continuing to apply the pressure, Kuryu nimbly hopped and spun, throwing a powerful roundhouse using the momentum of his circular motions. The dragon’s tornado-like movements went on as he then made another revolution and went in for a sweep using the opposite leg and finally ending his spin with a destructive right hook. 

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Shyvana held her gauntlets in front of her to block Kuryu’s roundhouse kicks, but in so doing she suffered a painful blow onto her side as Kuryu’s hook punch knocked her several feet away from him.

She stumbled backwards and held onto her side. She could tell there were no broken ribs, but it was still quite painful to breathe. That, and the bruises would likely show up later.

Shyvana grimaced in pain as she panted and stood her ground in a defensive position. She was hoping the soreness on her side would subside soon enough.

Perfect; a Direct hit. 

Kuryu didnt want to allow Shyvana a moments rest and wanted to kept up with his assault, but only then did the pain on his arm begin to bother him. It seemed to be progressively getting worse.


As if to keep his threshold, the male took a small moment to tend to his arm, applying pressure to the welt that would appear there in the near future. Kuryu glanced at Shyvana who also seemed to at a standstill. As reckless as this may be, the male dashed towards his opponent readying his fist for another punch.

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"It would be interesting if that dragonborn was able to stay with us in Demacia."

"Im… not fond of places that are crowded with people, but I’ll think about it…"

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do you ever just…


do you ever just…

shyvana-the-ice-drake: ?





"I really have to ask- is it true that dragons hoard things and do you collect stuff too?"


"…I think it’s safe to say that all dragons do hoard to some extent…

Some dragons have it worse than others. Glacier dragons were said to be a nomadic tribe, so they probably didn’t hoard as much or they would bury their treasures in hard-to-reach locations.

Back when I lived on the run, I could only carry a few essential items like a dagger and a waterskin as well as whatever clothes I wore on my back. Carrying too many things would’ve slowed me and my father down.

But ever since I became a permanent resident in Demacia, it’s become more difficult to resist the temptation to hoard beautiful gems, trinkets, gold, and other shiny objects…”

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Kuryu noticed a small glint on the corner of his eye and decided to check it out. Upon further investigation, he smelled the scent of Shyvana all over this building.Peaking through the window, he happened to see numerous gemstones and shiny things; he was tempted to try and steal at least one of these things.

"… hhrrrrmmm…"

Shyvana stood behind the fellow glacier dragonborn and glared down at him.

"You can take a handful of those things if you only ask. But touch any of my family heirlooms or anything that was given to me by the Prince, and I’ll beat you into a pulp." Shyvana threatened.

Kuryu was just about to leave not wanting to take from another’s collection and not giving into temptation. As soon as he turned around, Shyvana appeared before him. Kuryu looked back at the window, then back at the other dragonborn and shrugged

"I’m not interested in taking from someone else’s collection unless i can give you something of equal value" he sighed. He knew that Shyvana would be defensive over her family heirlooms: Kuryu knew the sedimental value of having them, for he had one too. He took a quick glance at the dragon scale he wears on his right hand then walked away