Dragons, creatures full of grace.

"hes obviously not a frost dragon…"

(( Doodles and sketches! Still practicing some  poses here and there. Can you dodge the punch in ti— ))
"Your reaction time is pathetic"
(( FUCK YOU-!!))

(( Doodles and sketches! Still practicing some  poses here and there. Can you dodge the punch in ti— ))


"Your reaction time is pathetic"

(( FUCK YOU-!!))

The burden of having a monster within (closed RP with shellofdemacia)


Geraldine rose from the ground slowly. For what seem like hours she remained silent, her expression blank while she observed his stance. She would rather not fight, but the demon inside her was ready to lurch of he made the first move.

A wide smile spread across her face, as the feeling rose inside her, if he wanted a fight, Reh wasn’t going to give up the opportunity weather Geraldine wanted it or not.

"If you valued your life…I’d sugest you leave."

Completely disregarding Geraldine’s words, Kuryu bared his fangs and exhaled a high-pressured stream of sub-zero ice breath at his opponent in an attempt to blind her. He then charged at her with his fist pulled back, thrusting his arm forward as soon as he reached her. 

"Hmph-! I won’t be killed that easily-!!"

Kuryu’s Sorrow, Part 1 (Backstory)

Mother and Father

My former home, Kitaichi, is a small continent in the northern regions of this planet, a place that’s always cold with snow aplenty wherever you go, though with its numerous mountains, living there can be harsh and unforgiving. Only the strong and the intelligent could make such a living in such a harsh environment.

Back then, it was just me and my mother living in a small cabin away from civilization… for reasons I will not say she will remain nameless. Oh, and my father? He patrolled the area where we once lived either high in the sky or from the tall mountain peak near our settlement. While me and mother were living contently in our humble abode, I would be able to see my father with just a quick glance up at the sky. Majestic, one might call it.

The nearest town was miles away. From the peak of the mountain we resided on, the town lights could be seen at night glowing from the distance. As curious as I was to go, mother and father told me not to go there alone. In the end, we never went, but I never had a problem with this.

Every once in a while, me and mother would pay him an occasional visit in a cave father often would often reside in when he wanted to rest, and sometimes it was the other way around in which he would come and visit us. I was told that when I was once a toddler, father used to play with me, put me on his back and simply walk across the field with me laughing all the way.As for mother? Well, one would describe her as a ‘tomboy’, though I do not mean that as anything derogatory. That aside, she was also an intelligent, strong, beautiful, outgoing and creative woman.

She used to be in the army: her combat skills were the best of her regime and she had the medals to confirm such, and so she taught me how to fight. Close Quarters Combat they would call it. And that wasn’t the only thing she taught me: Mother taught me how to cook, how to survive in the wild, how to play the piano and the guitar… and I was once told that I have horrible table manners? I guess my mom taught me that too… But one thing is clear: she made the love between her, me, and father obvious. Whenever she was with me, she would be gentle and loving…. and on occasion, spontaneous, not that I’m complaining.

Ah… and mother? She would never leave the cabin without the dragon-scale pendant she wears around her neck, the same one I wear on my arm today.

Kuryu’s Sorrow, Part 2 (backstory)


One day, a girl, came wandering near our cabin. My father saw her as no threat and so she let her be. I was about nine years old back when we first caught glimpse of her. I was out hunting with my mother by that time. Before we set off to go greet her, I was ordered to hide my ears as well as my tail. I didn’t question her because I knew that those who arent from here find that my ears and my tail to be unusual. When we confronted the girl, she introduced herself as Rena and claimed that she was from the nearby town.

She was the only friend I’ve had as a kid.

Rena was… a lot like me when I was younger, always smiling, optimistic, athletic… she had the sweetest look in her eyes whenever we were together. I spent a lot of my time just hanging out with Rena, chatting, climbing up trees, exploring the mountains and everything. Whenever I went out, Rena would usually be by my side, and I would be by hers. The only downside was that I had to constantly hide my tail and my ears from her as to keep myself from being discovered. I always had to wear a long coat and earmuffs just to do so.

Those damned earmuffs were uncomfortable how they would squeeze my ears and I hated them.

My mom decided that she would allow Rena to stay with us. My father was opposed to the idea and I could understand why: the closer she stayed with us, the more likely we would be discovered. Though my mother wasn’t too fond of the idea of letting her out her by herself either, and so, against my father’s request, my mom let her stay in our cabin, and thus I had to keep hidden every time Rena would come into the picture. Annoying as it may be, she was actually good company as I said before.

What didn’t help was the fact that she and I shared rooms. Practically no moment of privacy was given between the both of us unless I was in the bathroom. Wearing the longcoat just to hide my tail, the earmuffs hurt my ears and restrained me from hearing too well, it was damn frustrating. Despite all that, Rena was still a good person to have around.

At least… thats what I thought…

Kuryu’s Sorrow, Part 3 (Backstory)


Sometime when I reached the age of 14, there was a moment when I assumed I was in the clear and out of Rena’s sight; she was nowhere to be seen. Reassured that I wouldnt be dscovered, I removed my earmuffs and the large coat I was wearing and stretched. Wearing the coat for so long and trying to keep myself discreet is a major pain in the ass and it made me feel cramped. I even went so far as to spread my wings and practice my flight. Flying was a bit of a challenge at this point, but being that Rena was with us, the fact that i didn’t get much practice would be an understatement.

I was a bit too focused on improving my flying that I didn’t bother to see where I landed: right in front of her. The impact in which I landed caused her to fall off her feet, and with my extra limbs as well as my own ears at full view, it was no wonder Rena looked so horrified. She merely stared at me terrified as I stood there in silence. I then tried to talk to her about my true self, but before I could say much, she had already ran off. My dragon of a father happened to see what had just unfolded and as a response, he warned me and my mother to prepare for the worst.

For a while, I griefed over the loss of a friend and my mother tried her best to console me. The next few days, it was hard for me to get up in the morning as I continued to feel the remorse. It was when I got forced out of the bed that I had decided to get up. me and mother were supposed to be hunting and could ahve gone earlier had I not stayed in bed for an extra hour, but before we could leave the cabin, as we opened the door, an army men dressed in armor and armed with numerous weapoons were standing before us. One of them, supposedly the leader, proclaimed themselves as a dragon-slaying group known as “the Dragonators” and were here to kill us. However, we would be spared should my mother give me up for them. While I wanted to offer myself, my mother refused in a rash manner, even going so far as to curse them out.

Next thing I knew, I was told to run even though I stubbornly stuck by my mother’s side. We were running deeper into the mountains in hopes of loosing them but the dragon killers were on our tails like a hawk on a mouse; we couldnt shake them off no matter how hard we tried, except for one brief moment that we were out of their line of sight. Before they could catch us, my mother, perhaps in a desperate measure, pushed me down a slanted hill. It was tumbling down the slope and was unable to see what my mother had gone to do next, but I could only assume that she had tried to lure the army as far away from me as she possibly could.

The moment I had hit the bottom of the hill, I seemed to have fazed out as everything became a blurr. The one thing I did remember was the sillhouette of a giant dragon coming down from the sky.

Kuryu’s Sorrow, Part 4 (Backstory)


I woke up moments later as the sun had begun to go down. Recalling the events that happened prior to blacking out, I abruptly stood up and hurried back to where I last saw my mother. Surprisingly enough, she wasn’t there and neither was my father. However, I picked up her scent and began to follow it. I didn’t care whether if was an ambush or not, I just wanted to see them again and make sure they were okay… and needless to say, I was devistated to see what I had found: All the trees were knocked over, fiery craters and large blocks of ice were scattered everywhere, and giant footprints of a dragon can be found all over the place. The battle that took place there was a great one indeed… I just wish I was there to fight alongside them.

We might have won…

I searched everywhere for the body of my mother. Some bodies were encased in ice, others were trampled, a couple had heads missing, and a few had been decapitated of their upper or lower bodies. When I finally found the body of my mother, she was cradled in the arms of my father who had been layng on his side and breathing heavily. He was mortally wounded and mother wasn’t moving. I rushed to their side as fast as I could, tears dropping from my cheeks. I held the hand of my dead mother and buried my face into my father’s chest…. It was the most painful thing i have experienced.

Breaking the silence, my struggled to speak his last words:

"My son… while I have failed to serve as you and your mother’s guardian, it is at least fortunate that you managed to stay alive somehow… i’m afraid that my time is also coming to an end… Kuryu Ikasu. Heed your fathers words: find someone, anyone who can be worth your time and protect them with all your might… protect the ones you hold close… for being there for someone, no matter who he or she may be is the most important goal in yourlife…"

I begged my father to wake up as if he was merely in a deep slumber. For the next three days, I curled up next to my deceased parents, allowing the snow to pile up on me. I felt like ending my own life right then and there, but I knew that that is merely the cowards way out. I reluctantly came to my senses and stood up. Before leaving, however, I wanted to at least take something that I could remembr my parents by. Searching the corpse of my mother, I removed the pendant around her neck and wrapped it around my arm as you see today.

To this day, I cannot help but feel as though Rena was the one behind this tragedy. She was the only one who knew of my true from that came from the nearest human civilization and when she ran off, she most likely would have told the authorities….


How could you…?

A few years later, I had met up with her again and as it turns out, she herself had trained to become a dragon killer much like the ones I saw up where I used to live. We engaged in battle, but I ended up victorious. Needless to say, I ended her life. There was no way we would go back to the way we were…. there’s just no way…




And that leads us to now…

What happens next? What is in store for me? I am unsure. Maybe I’ll run inI have been wandering aimlessly in the land of Kitaichi for the last six years and practically no one wants me around. Everyone hates dragons, everyone who associates with dragons has been executed, and me, the offspring of a human and a dragon, is practically seen as nothing more than a monster and someone who should be eradicated. Wanted posters of me are practically everywhere. Despite this, I must continue onward. One day, I will meet someone who will not try to kill me.

The burden of having a monster within (closed RP with shellofdemacia)


She thought she was safe, underneath the canopy of the trees Geraldine had been wandering the brush, enjoying the fresh air and nature beneath the stars. The voice within her had been nagging at her all day, it had been a while since she’d been able to fight, and Reh was growing impatient from the lack of magic she could consume.

Geraldine felt a shooting pain in her chest, she writhed and fell to her knees, it seem as Reh had started to such her own magic from within.

"Stop! you’ll have to wait…I told you…" Geraldine’s jewelry chinked as she tried to pull herself up with the help of a nearby tree. The void stopped, silence… Geraldine sighed, thinking that Reh had finally given up….

a crack of a leaf, She turned around swiftly to see the familiar man from before, Kuryu was his name? Geraldine was lost for things to say, he had obviously been observing her, and she realized the reason why Reh had  gone silent. An unnatural sense of greed those from the pits of her stomach as the silence remained.

Though it may seem as if what dark presence within her now became dormant, there was no doubt that it was still there and somehow, he knew that something had to be done. The silence suddenly broke as Kuryu took a stance as though about to engage a battle. 

it didn’t seem clear as to why the half-dragon wanted to fight, but it seems he has his reasons.

"I won’t hold back…" he warned the other.

The burden of having a monster within (closed RP with shellofdemacia)

Midnight on the crossroads. A lone Kuryu was wandering the land, past the plains, and into the greenery. With the moonlight protruding from the leaves up above, it seemed like quite a sublime place to be. Lost in thought, Kuryu pondered on what he would do next. With his current goal (to protect the ones you hold close), the way things are for him made it seem like it would be impossible and being anti-social whilst being cold-spirited person didn’t help much either. 

"A curse within a blessing…" he mumbled "Sometimes I wish I was dead…" 

But that’s the cowards way out…

Upon walking further down the path before him, Kuryu felt a strange and unsettling dark presence in the air. As he looked around, he happened to see a girl that seemed as though she were struggling with something, and judging by the current circumstances, she must be the source of the dark power. 

Approaching the girl, he saw that it was in fact the one he had met not too long ago: Geraldine. Its strange, but it seems she was having some sort of internal conflict, somewhat similarly to the struggles Kuryu has with himself, questioning the beast he has within him, albeit seemingly dissimilar to her for the fact that he can control his dragonic abilities. 

Kuryu felt a sort of sympathy to the girl as he continued to stare her down…


You're... Demacian? I don't remember seeing you around before leaving... And I sense a powerful magic emanating from you. Who are you? (the-wings-of-frost. Thank you for following me owo )



Geraldine blinked an then smiled widely at the person in front of her. “Hello, No… I’m more partial for wandering the wilderness of Ionia when I’m not called to my family’s house.” she offered a pale hand. “Geraldine of the Highbeam family, and you?”

The hand extended his way was practically ignored as the male kept a stoic face. A small moment of silence passed as the half-dragon stared the girl down with azure-piercing eyes. Finally, he introduced himself.

"… Kuryu…"